How much room for winter squash?

consecratedMarch 22, 2010

I have two 5'x15' raised beds in my garden... "sectioned" into 5'x5' areas. Both beds will have a block of corn and beans at one end filling a 5x5 section. The other end I have peanuts in one bed, and a bee hive in the other.

The middle 5x5 section I would like to plant some varieties of winter squash. I have some seeds... All are vine squash ... a hybrid kabocha (Confection), a "sweet meat" and a butternut.

My plan was to have 4 plants in each of the middle 5x5 sections... and train them into the corn and along the outside edge of the bed. Obviously I would not train them into the peanuts... but I could train them to a small extent around the beehive.

Is 4 squash plants too many? Comments? Advice? I have not seen squash grown since I was a kid... which was awhile ago. Thank you for comments!

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Those cultivar will grow 10-15 ft vines, As long as you have someplace for them to run, you should be ok. I usually plant them two to a hill on eight foot centers. In a raised bed with heavily enhanced soil you should get away with four to a hill.

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Should I place the 4 plants close together in one generalized location in the 5x5 area, or space them out a bit?

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