Growing Sweet flags without soil?

conanian(Hong Kong)February 20, 2011

Gardening books usually say sweetflags (Acorus) should be grown in moist soil.

However, from the Asian sources I have read, it appears in the East the same plant is often grown (as a container plant) in pebbles in water, even the growth of the plant would be stunted.

So I was wondering if anybody here have experience of growing sweet flags in a basically soil-free environment, outdoors or indoors...?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Acorus is not a grass, and you might get better answers in the Perennial Forum, Water Gardens and Bog Gardens.

That said, at least for Acorus gramineus, the answer is yes. I've grown it in submerged gravel, grit and even florist foam, both indoors and outdoors. I experienced no stunting of growth, but I used nutrients in solution in the water.

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