What size container for chinese bottle?

Thirston(7/Charlotte, NC.)March 10, 2007

I have a few seeds I purchased recently for Miniature Chinese Bottle Gourds. I am curious to know what size container might be best for growing these gourds this season in North Carolina. They will be grown on a patio with mostly North Eastern sun.

I would like to avoid large barrels etc... and use ceramic/terracotta planters. Are 18" - 24" diameter planters suitable? Could I use smaller?

I will probably build my own bamboo trellis, but to what height should I make them for these Chinese Bottles? I have read about cutting vines at 10' to make them manageable but might I be able to cut them to a more appealing 4'-6' for the containers?

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Of course you can use any size containers that are managable for your situation. Be sure to use a good rich potting soil.
And as for cutting the vines back, I wouldn't cut them any shorter than six feet, but eight feet might give you a better crop.
The stem will continue to grow and you will need to cut it back about every 10 days, and this will keep the vine growing strong in the laterals and in gourd growth.


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Thirston(7/Charlotte, NC.)

Could you possibly give me a recommendation on approximate size containers? In terms of gallons or pot diameter. You say "any size containers that are managable" however, without me being a smart a$$ I'm certain there is a minimum size. I'd just like some idea as to what I should shop for.

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Having tried containers a few years ago, with poor results, I wouldn't recommend any thing that holds less than 2 gallons of soil.
3 - 4 gallons might be best.
Be sure you have good drainage, and a good blend of soil.

I like to mix potting soil,(4 parts) (any brand) with peat moss,(2 parts) vermiculite,(1 part) and top soil, (1 part).
I use this when potting most plants, whether transplanting from my starts or what I bring home from the garden center.

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