Newbie question on when to plant zucchini

primavera_growerMarch 8, 2009

I'm going to plant "49er" zucchini this year, and I want to know when to start seeds in my area (Houston, TX).

Also, some personal growing experience info and tips would be helpful too. How many square feet per plant does it need?

[Yes, I know it says about 10-16 sq ft per plant but I trust you guys more than the seed packet :)] Plus I'm sure many people have done otherwise.

So, help?

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I plant my summer squash around the average frost date, which for me is after the 10th of April. Houston is warmer, so you can probably plant sometime in March. As for space, I use approximately 8 sq. ft per plant. BUT it is advisable if you don't have experience to start with the directions on the packet and experiment and modify as you gain experience. Soil and weather conditions have great impact, and the general directions try to play it safe for a variety of conditions.

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