What size box (raised bed) do I need for a single pumpkin plant?

wilsocnMarch 29, 2013

This is the first year I have put out a garden, which is basically an area 16x12' that is marked off and has various raised beds in it. The wood I am using is 2x8s.

I understand that the vine from a pumpkin plant can get big but how much space do I need to contain the actual plant/roots? I was planning on letting the vines run along the mulch up the aisle between the various container boxes.

This is mostly just for fun and to hopefully grow a pumpkin for our 3 year old.


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There are compact varieties of pumpkins out there. But if you just pick up a packet of seeds from a box store you could probably contain it in a 4' x 8' area. Though you would need to redirect the vines a lot.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Pot is just for the root system. It can be a 10 gal. container of any shape. But it is the vines that need to be managed. Since pumpking are often heavy, it is not practical to trelis a pumpkin. So it has to crawl. In this case, as suggested above, you need to do a lot of training and directing in order to contain it in a small area.

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