Rain sweet rain!

ollieroseJune 30, 2008

We got a lovely rain storm at our house yesterday. I was so happy to see those drops keep falling!

I hope that many others enjoying some good rain with minimal damage!


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Beautiful stuff that!

We had about a half inch yesterday and about a quarter of an inch both Fri. & Sat. here in Buford/Sugar Hill. Unfortunately the 1/2" came down so hard and so fast that I think most of it just ran off down the gutter;>(

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About ½" Friday, same on Saturday, during a terrific TS, with heavy wind. Power outage for 4 hours.
A trace on Sunday, it skipped over me.
Very thankful for any rain this summer. Treated water barely keeps plants alive.

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reneek(GA - Zone 7B)

We got quite a bit of rain on Sunday, the same day that I decided that my plants had had enough, so I watered early that morning....that's ok though. I hope that my rainwater tank got a good drink....forgot to check it on my way out this morning.

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We had a lot of high winds in the beginning of our rain storm, but they died off fairly quickly. My rain barrell is full - woohoo!!

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shot(8 - GA)

1.4 inches in Cadwell... WOOT WOOT


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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

I didn't measure what we got on Sunday, but all four of my rain barrels are full! The down side is the wind knocked down the little bit of corn I had attempted to grow. I hereby quit trying to grow corn. Well, until tomorrow anyway. :-)

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1 1/2" in Flowery Branch over the weekend. 7 straight months of average or better rainfall at Lake Lanier-still no improvement. The area keeps growing and I haven't heard of a plan to improve distribution or increase availability. It's very frustrating to have everyone conserving and no positive results.
I even got a sign from the lawn care guys that said my lawn needs water after they treated for fungus. They are perceptive. It's hard to tell what is fungus and what is dead.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

saturday, we had a good storm, netted about 3/4" in the 30312 zip (metro ATL), barely had enough time to finish volunteer work @ a local charter school, then head home and finish off our front bed area.

weather.com had us slated for our "big rain day" as sunday, with their hourly forecast breakout ranging between 50%-60% chance from noon-10pm. barely got enough rain on sunday to get the street wet. at least the rain on saturday cleaned the mulch and landscape mix off the street :)

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shot(8 - GA)

Satellitehead, they use the SWAG method to predict rain...
(Scientific Wild A$$ Guess)


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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

I'm glad to wave bye-bye to June. I collected only 0.92" for the month, a woeful amount. That is my lowest rain total in June the last 6 years. The second lowest is last June and there was 1.79" more rain!

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I read an interesting verse on my Farmers Almanac Newsletter and thought it was fitting:

When the cow tries to scratch its ear,
It means a shower is very near;
When it thumps its ribs with its tail,
Look out for thunder, lightning, hail.

Âweather saying from New Jersey

I'm praying for itchy cow ears!

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