Anybody grow Dog Fennel, Eupatorium capillifolium?

ollieroseJune 30, 2008

I got a small piece of this from my step-mom not knowing what it was. I now know that it's dog fennel and that it gets quite large. I know that it attracts butterflies (good thing), but I don't really have anywhere to plant it where it can grow naturally (not a large enough space).

Does anyone else grow this? If so, how large does yours get? Do you prune it? Is it worth it to find a space for it?



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I grow a bit in a large pot now to about 6-8 feet but in a previous large garden I had grown it in the ground. It did spread a bit but I found it easy to control in a somewhat dry spot. It grew probably 8-10 feet tall and even after frost (magical with frost on seedheads) still attractive to me. But then I like Equisetum (Horsetail), too~~grin~~and Pokeberry and other "weeds"...

I like it unpruned but you can cut it back or thin out excess stems at soil level. As to butterflies, don't recall noticing...but probably so...the flowering "heads" have dozens of tiny blossoms.

As to whether worth it to could always toss it out later. I'm a foliage nut and admire the contrast with other foliage...even use it in flower arrangements. josh

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Thanks Josh. I'm trying to grow thins that don't flower since I have so many flowers as it is. I think I'll leave it for now and cut it back if it gets too large for its spot.

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shot(8 - GA)

Use to make kite frames from dog fennel years ago. Now I mow it down with the tractor.


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There is an old rule that farmers used to go by: When dog fennel blooms, there are six more weeks until frost.

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I have tried transplanting it, but it did not take very well. I have a patch that I leave to itself and adore its texture. It fairs much better than culinary fennel.

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We have it. It volunteered. It grows next to the driveway and weeps over making a cave that my small children like to play in. It is a nice weed and offers a very different texture.

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