GGG- gardening with back issues.

organic_gardenhag(7)June 10, 2013

GGG, I got the no name kneeler at Tues Morning for $20, beats $40 from Gardeners supply. Haven't used much for sitting, but okay for most kneeling tasks, great around certain beds that that are higher or sloped, even the bed by the road to the curb. It was great for getting down to cut back some of the knock outs, and deadheading, weeding. Not so much for small tool digging, it may be better for you. I learned right away how to and not to get dwn and up. Wish I could show you, I use any sturdy tool, cane, big pot, chair, etc. even the shower chair if I drop the soap. With the support on one side and the other leg, with the knee and hip at right angles. I am able to push off, with the same hand on that leg, pushing up with the opposite foot. I could show you on skype, you can practice using a small stool with a pillow on top, sort of like a lunge. If any of that makes any sense.
Of course, when you are using the kneeler to get up an down, make sure it is firmly planted and or level. I toppled over backward when getting down on a sloped path. I am doing okay, but have circumvented the official PT for gardening activities. Bad, bad, bad, I know. But I am the only gardener, andw there is a whole lot of garden to take care of. I have to figure out what I can let go of, and what I can hire or barter to be done.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I don't know what is wrong with you, but I sympathize. I am having shoulder surgery on Thursday. I don't even know if I can get out of the house after it is done! Really bummed out! It's my right shoulder and our steps only have a railing on the right side. My hubby is a good gardener, but he's not as into it as I am. Tomorrow I plan to be outside as much as possible. I've never had surgery before, so I don't know how long this will take to rehab. I can't kneel because of a bad knee. I wish you could post a picture! You have piqued my curiosity!! :-)

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Zackey- You should do okay with the shoulder, what is the repair for? I had a complete shoulder repair 2006, a slap tear, and about four other things. It is still in good shape, but yes, it did take a long time to rehab, I froze it up, always do too much, too soon. I just had complete reconstructive spinal surgery the end of Feb this year. I am a seriously insane gardener through and through. The garden kneeler I got is just like the one from Gardeners Supply. Each type of Orthopedic surgery is different. I know, it kills me to be locked up in the house. Do you have anybody besides your husband to help you or even drive you around? You can email me or someting, if you need some encouragement. I do really feel for you, at this time of year, especially. lorinda

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

zackey I hope you are doing OK.
Well, I ordered mine from Gardeners Supply because I can't get out to buy one anywhere else. I haven't used it yet! I was about to break it out today but that frozen muscle in my back is really pulling.
I have "sublaxation" as chiros call it, or "S" curves left to right, front to back in my spine. Double whammy! THey have done a fair job on the side to side but the front to back isn't going so well and like organic gardenhag, my muscles are frozen. I spent 2 weeks not bending at all (SI joint disfunction and anterior pelvic tilt with left side high), but I can't walk much either because the right leg is so much "longer" than the left and the ankle is rolling in so badly that I'm getting ankle/leg damage. So what muscles aren't hard as a rock are turning to jelly. The old catch 22! Next week it's to few specialists and I HOPE the physio specialist gets back to me. I feel like this is manageable but it will have to be by going to a few different folks to get it sorted out. I've ALMOST got the garden in thanks to a dear garden friend, a bit more to go and I'll be there. My hubby has been wonderful too: toting things around, laying down 25 bales of pinestraw yesterday, mulching the holy heck out of everything for me so I have fewer hoses to haul around and less weeding...
Hag, I was so worried a "regular" seat wouldn't do it for me I bought the "extra deep" from Gardeners Supply. It's HEAVY to drag around, but I wanted the stability because I'm really tall which means I weigh more than the average lady.

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GGG- just wondering how you are doing? I have had to slow way down and back off of most my gardening activities. I may have messed up the screws in the left pelvis or sacrum, not from gardening, but trying to get my feet up to wash them, take care of toenails, etc. I am going to try to get back out and pull weeds and clean up. I'm a little discouraged, the whole yard is overgrown and messy, from the grass growing into the beds, the weeds, bare soil, and general lack of grooming. I hope you are moving better.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Organic gardeninghag. I'm so sorry you are having problems. I've read where the SI joint screws can be very difficult.
I'm doing quite well, slowly, very slowly things are getting back into place. I have been "rolfing" or utilizing a structural integration specialist and it's totally working for me. That and I've had to cave and use a non-vegetarian support for my SI Joints which worked really well for me. My pelvis and sacrum issues were caused by muscle problems in my legs and feet it seems! So as he works on those, things really have begun to settle down. I am also NOT doing physical therapy but working very slowly on my own, and not every single day - and getting miraculously stronger as my nervous system sorts things out. Soon I will start yoga under someone specialized to understand the problems I'm having and need to strengthen things without messing up the other stuff again. Yoga worked best for me. I have days when I can really work in the garden. Not my usual full-on, but the therapist suggested that may never be again, to do as much as I can without help and get help for the "big stuff". Ie no more lifting 100lb rocks... I can pull weeds for about an hour a day. More if I'm on the ground. Now I have the seat I can get up and down more easily. No longer using a cane, no longer needing an ankle brace all the time, spending longer amounts of time vertical and I can get my neck and spine feeling pretty good myself most days. Still having muscle and nervous system issues but I'm moving so much better. I can do all my self care skills and have been able to do so for awhile. Since it's no longer a bone issue really, but nervous system/muscle communication problem (and probably was all along) my functioning level is very strange. I can very suddenly be so physically tired I must immediately lay down and get weight off of the sacrum for about 10 minutes and then be just fine. Sometimes I can go all day and also carry about 10 lbs of weight. Odd. I hope you will improve. I do suggest attempting to find some complimentary help to traditional medicine. The nervous system really extends into the pelvis and hips, and getting that back on track seems to have really helped me. I can't wait until I am much less "scrambled eggs" in the brain.
I also went to an eye doctor. My glasses are totally off and may have been part of the problem. Where my pupils were measured to hit my glasses in trifocals was totally incorrect. That may have put my head off of axis and caused many problems. I went to Ross in the Lindberg area. Dr. Ross himself specializes in measuring this and other discrepancies. It's an odd thing, but it looks like it could really be of some help.

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