question - burning off Pampas, & other, OG?

roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)February 26, 2005

Hi - i have been reading the threads ref: OG - I see "burning off" is mentioned quite often. I have a BUNCH of clumps of Pampas grass that was dug up out of someone's yard yesterday, after it had burned (accidentally I think). I am going to go out and divide and pot up to rejuevenate it - any suggestions on determining which pieces definitely will or won't make it? Or, will they all make it as long as roots attached?

THANKS for any info!

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They will all make it as long as each has a healthy and undamaged supply of roots. The bigger the rootball, the bigger the plant in its first year. (Eventually, they will all reach mature sizesÂusually in about 3 seasons.)

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Thanks BruMeta! BY the time I got all of the yukky burnt portions off, they were rather small - but i did have some healthy roots. We planted some in pots to baby, my husband INSISTED on going ahead and planting some out along the fence (I told him they would do better in the shade for a little while, for some TLC). I also planted 2 pieces IN MY COMPOST PILE, and then have some sitting in water, will plant in a day or so, wasn't "sure" about them, so i wanted to check them.

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