Knock Out Roses stop blooming?

toileJune 18, 2008

Anyone ever have their Knock Out Roses stop blooming?

Not only did they stop but there are no buds anywhere on these plants at all now? So no hope for future blooms either.

The bush itself looks healthy and beautiful?

Thanks if you can help!

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Mine seem to bloom in cycles. Heavy, then little by little slack off to nothing. Then in about three weeks they start up again. I fertilize with Miracle Grow in between cycles. The heat in my zone could be the cause, I guess.

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yomamanem(7B Georgia)

I just dead-headed my old knock-outs today, even though they are the "junk yard dogs" of the rose world and don't need much tending. I expect they will bud up again in a few weeks. I recently bought 10 double knock-outs. They just finished blooming their first flush.

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Thanks for your replies. I deadheaded too and maybe mine will bloom soon. Hopefully by my 4th of July party LOL.

I know KOR are the junkyard dogs but....
last year we lost thousands of dollars worth of landscaping because we were not allowed to use a drop of water.
Guess who survived? Knock Out Roses and Monkey Grass.
So yes, I bought more and will keep buying.
All my dream plants are dead and gone now.......
.....and what if the 100% water ban comes back.

My town has been on a ban for years, then we were one of the first to completely run out of water.....
I just dont have the luxury of other plants now :/

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Mine bloom in flushes also. If I keep them deadheaded they seem to do much better. I know it says you don't have to deadhead but the blooming power on mine is just so much better. Plus the bush looks nicer also. Mine have been without blooms for about 2 or 3 weeks now but they are loaded with buds now. Be patient and in no time you will probably have tons of buds then tons of beautiful blooms. Good luck with them. Judy

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Roses have bloomed for 3 weeks and no longer blooming. Bush looks healthy. Help!

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I think it's just the heat. Every time we have a good thunderstorm mine (not knockouts) go crazy with blooms.

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We have had 80-90 degree heat, lots of rain, and extreme humidity in WI. My Knock Out Roses have green leaves but NO BUDS after a first good blooming. What can Ido?

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Ok, I don't fertilize my knockouts at all, but the soil is well drained and I water them every other day. But still they are not blooming as double knockouts! Their petals are folded angular. And look like fake flowers!

What am I doing wrong? Or not doing right?



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Hi ��"I found solutions to my problem with knockout roses not blooming. First, Do not overwater! Second; Feed your roses. Local nursery told me to get Blooming & Rooting soluble plant food 9-58-8 and apply with each watering until blooms start coming back. I did not apply with every watering, but rather applied only every 10 days when I watered roses --and the bushes all flourished and bloomed fully. Since then I use the plant food about once a month or longer . You can use any good soluble rose food as long as the MIDDLE number is very high. I did a very small amount of dead heading, but only for appearance. The bushes seem to bloom in cycles- seem to need a rest between bursts of blooming. But during that âÂÂrestâ you still should see new buds forming to be sure the plant is healthy. I had one bush that was overwhelmed with what I found out were Japanese beetles. Black oval iridescent nasty things that were eating the life out of the blooms and the entire bush. I used 70% isopropyl alcohol from the drugstore ��" poured it directly on the beetles! I made the mistake of also cutting back every stem they were on. That was not necessary. Fortunately, That bush is now coming back nicely after feeding it. BTW, clean with alcohol every tool you use on any one bush BEFORE you use the same tools on any other plant! I will not buy any more Double Knockout roses. I have one Carefree Wonder that is like a miracle bush with no bugs, no yellow leaves, no maintenance. It blooms constantly from beginning of summer til Fall.. I had never fed it before this summer and yet it has nearly TRIPLED in size in four summers since it was planted. If I had another full sun area, I would certainly plant more Carefree Wonders. Lastly, I have a rule of thumb from a gardener with more experience than I have ��" feed roses only til August; and do not cut back at all after September. Hope something in this info is helpful to you.

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