Non-bearing squash blossums?

JoyfulJan(z7GA)June 6, 2010

I am growing butternut squash which is doing quite well and taking over my yard! There are several blossoms on stalks that do not bear fruit. I think maybe this has something to do with gender? Anyway, does it suck vitality from the plant to let these bloom or should they be pinched? Also, are these heavy feeders? Thanks!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Some flowers are boys, some flowers are girls (A single vine has both). Sometimes it takes a few tries for them to be blooming at the same time to make baby squash. Don't give up!!
Do not pinch it. I don't feed mine. I start with the proper nutrients at the beginning of the summer and just let them go. I think you can side dress them with compost if you feel the need, but if they are doing fine, they should fruit.

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Ther are a lot of folks that consider squash blossoms a delicacy and are looking for varieties that put off larger numbers of male bloosoms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Squash Blossom Recipes

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