cutting my grass in a propagator..

globemaster(Denmark)February 17, 2006

I've started some ornamental grasses (Pampas Grass and Melica) in my propagator.

They are growing well - however too well..., as I will have to wait a month or two before I can move the plants outside....

But the lenght of the grass exceeds the hight of my propagator...

Is it possible to cut the grass to make it fit with the propagator whitout killing it totally ?

Any advice ?

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Why not just pot them up and keep them indoors until you can plant them out?

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Jack7b_ny(7b NY)

You can give them a haircut with a sharp pair of scissors. When propogating grasses it is something we do probably twice while they are rooting into their cell trays or small pots. The pruning will encourage a bushier growth.

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