Salt Cured Gourds

the_monk(7B)March 30, 2010

I was wondering if a hard-shelled gourd once mature was packed completely in salt would that speed up the drying process and retard mold or fungus.

Since salt is used to cure meat by wicking out moisture I would wonder if the same principle would work for a gourd?

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I don't think so but I've never tried it. I think drying your gourds in the sun will help with mold. Salt will sometimes attract moisture to it later and that would be bad for paint etc.

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I think I might keep thinking on it, and try it at the end of this season. I know that they pack meat to cure them in salt boxes.

So I was thinking that if I packed a gourd in salt and kept an eye on it. I might stumble upon a new method of curing them.

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