compostable, also suitable for rain barrel?

gergevNovember 8, 2010

These may have been discussed here, but I have a couple of rather personal questions:

1. Can plain white unscented toilet paper, used as tissue, be put in compost?

I got the flu shot last week and now have developed my first cold in more than a year (maybe just a coincidence?). In the last three days I have gone thru about 3 rolls of toilet paper which I have been substituting for the more expensive kleenex. I buy the cheapest generic I can find, so it isn't scented or over-softened. I would buy all-recycled toilet paper, but it is more expensive (now THERE is a good use for a g'vt subsidy - promote using recycled wood products for TP).

I've got a wastebasket full of tissues and I would like to just add them to my compost. Is OK?

2. On average, I bathe, instead of shower at least once a week. It feels great to just lie in warm/hot water reading the paper. As I empty the bathtub, I think to myself, what a waste of water. I use soap and shampoo sparingly, so the bath water is cloudy, but not super cloudy. I know it is not code, but what if this water were diverted to rain barrels. Would a bathtub full of water, polluted by a small dollop of shampoo and a some hand soap be harmful to the lawn, or even to a vegetable garden? I envision an illegal diverter switch, rigged next to the bathtub which I could turn at my discretion to send the water via a separate pvc pipe to a rain barrel system, mixed with the roof runoff.

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Composting your own used tissues is the best thing to do with them-

Just don't use tissues or other compostables (food, etc) from a hospital or medical clinic.

Bath water is perfectly good for compost piles or even for watering the ornamentals, but I don't know that I'd put it in the rain barrel.

maybe in its own separate "rain barrel"?

You might post on gardenweb's Soil & Compost Forum for more thoughts.

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