Cucumbers on squash root stock?

plantslayer(8)April 7, 2009

An article in a recent community garden newsletter here in Seattle described how one gardener grew cucumbers on kabocha rootstock; in other words, he grew kabocha (a kind of small winter squash popular in Japan) starts and cucumber starts, then grafted the cucumber starts onto the kabocha starts. According to the article, this gave the cucumbers much stronger roots and led to major production gains. I can't find out much about this online though, and I generally only see it mentioned as a way of making the cukes more resistant to disease/pests. Has anyone done this before?

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I have never done it before but I am contemplating doing some experiments with grafting this year. I am more familiar with growing watermelon on a squash rootstock which is said to make better quality watermelons (with the right cultivars grafted):

Watermelon/Squash Graft

It all sounds very interesting, if you have space and time I would say go for it and report your results here.

... I wonder what would happen if a cucumber was grafted onto an Atlantic Giant rootstock :)

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

So I wonder if this opens them up to the squash vine borer? I have enough problems with the cucumber beetles.

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Hey I was doing some research on grafting for this year and I remembered this thread. I found an article that explains how and why grafting is important. Apparently it has been going on since the 1920's in Japan.


Grafting vine crops

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