Eco-friendly Christmas Tree

curlygirl(5-6 Massachusetts)December 14, 2009

My husband and I have not yet started a Christmas tree tradition in our own home because we rent and would rather not buy and store all the things that go with Christmas trees and eventually have to move it all. Besides, we are with family over the holidays and we get to enjoy their trees whereas ours would be home all alone! But we have long debated what sort of tree we would get or make ourselves when the time comes. Here is tree that ends our debate!:

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Why even get a tree it's a waste of your money if you will never be home to see the tree if your always at someone else home with a tree.

Save your money on a tree and tree decorations. Just buy some small decorations or 2 to no decorations is even better, because that is the GREEN/ECO-FRIENDLY way of life.

If you do buy a tree buy small, buy cheap, and buy less.
I would buy the 2ft-3ft trees Wild Cherry, Walnut, Butternut, or Cherry something dark to mimic a dark pine tree or buy a cheap (cheap) small fake pine tree with lights.

But still don't waste money if you don't need too.

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curlygirl(5-6 Massachusetts)

We would not buy a tree until we were celebrating Christmas at our own home. One reason why we would buy a tree like this is that we are both artists and designers and appreciate a design like this. -We would not buy simply any eco solution that presents itself. Another reason is that a design like this lends itself to mimimal Christmas decoration. Because the aesthetic of the tree is so elegantly simple, I would be less inclined to want to get more and more decorations in the future. So, what seems like a lot to pay upfront, might actually be an investment in one bold, minimalist Christmas statement, saving us money in the end.

However, we plan on having a greenhouse full of tropical fruiting trees (passive solar design for minimal energy consumption) so we may just decorate those trees in our greenhouse. The ornaments are likely to be made by us or handed down by previous generations.

In any case, I thought the design might be interesting for others looking for a collapsible tree design that was not necessarily a fake plastic tree.

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I would decorate the tropical fruiting trees and you save money. Plus, you could use the fruits on the tree to your advantage in decorating the tree for X-mas.

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A few years ago my husband and I purchased a small Norfolk pine. They are commonly sold in stores around the holidays (at least in VA) but I think many people buy them for extra decoration rather than as a replacement for their usual tree.

We have kept this stays outside in the summer and inside in the winter. We bring it inside every season for re-use as our Christmas tree. A colleague mentioned that one of her Norfolk pines lasted for many years!

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