Seed Keeping Question

JWW_1(8B / 9A Foley, AL)April 29, 2013

I have planted in a 12'X4' raised bed the following squash and melons:

Jarrehdale pumpkin, New England Pie Pumpkin, Minnesota Midget Muskmelon,Delice De La Table Cantaloupe, and Malali Watermelon.

The above are to be trellised.

Straight Neck Yellow Squash, Zucchini, and Pattison Panache Scallop Sqauah.

My questions is, should I discard all seeds that I can harvest? I know all the squash are related and the melons I think are related. Are the seeds going to be some weird offspring or do you think I will have true seed?

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The watermelon should be fine but other than that yeah they will probably cross. You can always just hand pollinate and save seeds that way. Then you would know the seeds were pure.

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JWW_1(8B / 9A Foley, AL)

Kinda what I thought. Thanks for the help.

I think I will continue to buy seeds for different varieties for a while and then focus on the one or two we like most. At that point I may isolate and save seeds.

Thanks again.

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The Jarrehdale should be fine too since it is the only Maxima in the group. The rest of the pumpkins and squash are all Pepo so they'll all cross with each other.

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