Picklework protection

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)April 17, 2013

The pickleworms really did a number on my winter squash last year. I have been looking at ways to foil them this year and have been encouraged by one piece of research that indicated that one strain of Bt and also a type of nematode were effective against pickleworm. I like this more that spraying Spinosad, the next most palatable method.(and also the next most bee-friendly, I can spray it at dusk). Has anyone had experience with these products in regard to pickleworm?

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No one has replied in a month and a half, so that looks like a no. Good luck keeping the pickle worms at bay. In addition to chemical controls you can also try crop rotation. Also if you have any heavily afflicted plants be sure to throw away or burn them, not compost. You don't want to allow those pests to mature and cause more problems.

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