Ground cover lawn replacement under water maples

newbie321January 26, 2013

I have a large space between and around two water maples where I would like to plant a ground cover or two that will get rid of my grass and be hardy enough for my daughter to play on. Since it is under water maples, it gets shade but all of it is exposed to some sun at some point in the day. I live in zone 6. I have read about brass buttons, Irish moss and thymes. Would like to know what people with experience suggest.

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Had to look up what a "water maple" was - never heard that term before :-)

Larger maples tend to be rather difficult trees to grow anything under - a widespread, shallow and very greedy root system precludes a lot of opportunities. None of the suggestions you mention is ideal - what you really need to look for is something suitable for dry shade. Deadnettle or Lamium maculatum is pretty tolerant of these conditions but epimediums are the most often recommended choice. Not really very suitable for playing or walking on, however.

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