Deschampsia (Hair Grass)

deep_roots(5a IN)March 25, 2006

In looking for some early blooming grass, I am considering adding some Deschampsia. Does it bloom before Calamagrostis Karl Foerster? Does anyone have experience with Deschampsia Cespitosa 'Fairy Wand' who can describe it's performance and form? And finally of the Deschampsia varieties available, which varieties do you grow and what are your opinions of them?

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I grow species Deschampsia caespitosa, and I love it. I have one clump coming into it's 3rd year, and have another 16 clumps starting this year.

I know you're looking at the cultivars, so I won't dwell on the species, other than to say it's a beautiful well-contained bunch grass. It's evergreen for me, and bloomed from late spring to mid-summer.

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Pudge 2b

As I've mentioned before, I grow D. caespitosa Schottland and Bronzelscheir and both bloom before Karl Foerster in my yard. I like both just fine, perhaps the blooms of Schottland a little more. The blooms of both are held way above the foliage, and the blooms can be cut back once you want the warm season grasses to take the spotlight - foliage on the Deschampsias remains low and tidy.

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"Fairy Wand"* is a common name for the species, Deschampsia caespitosa. It flowers early and is attractive but the least favorite of those that I grow.

In my zone 5a garden, D.c. ÂSchottland flowers alongside its companions of Calamagrostis ÂKarl Foerster; ÂGoldenhaenge a bit later and 'Bronzeschleier' after that (in partial shade) when its companion, Ligularia p. 'The Rocket,' blooms.

I like them all; theyÂre very similar in habit, flower and form, and they stay looking good throughout the summer. I usually cut them back in late fall, as they donÂt stand up through snow cover. They donÂt self-seed for me in 5a and are only somewhat evergreen.

*[This is not to be confused with a viviparous cultivar, D.c.ÂFairyÂs Joke, which, according to Darke, produces "tiny young plants in place of seeds" that weigh the flowers to the ground where the plantlets take root.]

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