How fast does sedum grow? Heucheras?

FloridaKimberly(9B)January 23, 2013


I planted a row of sedum spaced 15 inches apart (Florida Friendly gold) with a row of heucheras 24 inches apart approximately 18 inches behind the sedum. How fast should I expect them to grow in toward each other and fill in the gaps? I plan to mulch soon but if I want them to fill in should I mulch at all in those areas? They are in an area of landscaping that is about 40 feet wide and previously had mulch and that is all. I ripped out the old mulch and put these in. I would like them to eventually be a true border.


I am in zone 9B.

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Oh and it gets lots of morning and early afternoon sun.

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Well I don't have the type of sedum that you have mentioned. I have a scarlet and an improved golden. They didn't do much of anything for the first two years. The third year they have started to take off. The rows have increased to 4 inches in width from basically one frond wide. I hope this helps you somewhat. I would look up my sedum and see what it's mature size will be and work from that size. So, if it's going to make a mound 2 feet round I would give it the full 2 feet plus about 6 inches. This is just a suggestion. Right now I'm having to deal with not doing that and having to deal with overcrowding.

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