need help deciding...

phantom_white(6)April 2, 2011

I've got these seeds I can plant this year:



Connecticut Field

Dill's Atlantic Giant

Ghost Rider


One Too Many

I have no previous pumpkin growing experience though. I know all pumpkins are heavy feeders and the vines can get really big, but for my garden area I'm not sure which of the above would work. I just really want enough of them to carve for Halloween (around 7-8) and maybe a few to give to friends. Dill's is too big for me to grow- I know that for a fact. I'd really like to grow the One Too Many and Cinderella if nothing else... I was going to plant them amongst my field corns to help with water retention. I have a 20x20 area they can grow in so I can 't have too many plants in there. I thought maybe 2 hills might fit. If anyone has experience with the above varieties and could give me info on which ones would best suit me, I'd appreciate it.


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Depends on what you like. Connecticut field is the only one with the traditional Halloween look. Ghost Rider looks the part but is a small pumpkin ( 4-10 lbs) Jarrahdale is a blocky blue grey squash usually grown for eating. Lumina has the pumpkin shape and size but is white. 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes' (Cinderella) 10-15 lbs is a flat pumpkin and more reddish than the normal Halloween pumpkin. One Too Many is a hybrid that reminds folks of a blood shot eyeball. 20lbs, very decorative, not too good for eating. White with multiple red veining.

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I'm not much for eating them, then again I've never tried eating pumpkin. I like the OTM because of the look (didn't know it was a hybrid...), same for Cinderella. I like the Field pumpkin too because that's what I'm used to carving. I might give Ghost Rider away since it's smaller than a normal carving pumpkin... I would like to grow the Lumina for something different. Would 20x20 be enough space for 2 hills or could I plant more than 2? I've heard that putting 3 seeds per hill is standard practice- do I thin to one plant per hill after they start growing? Or could I leave 2 plants- one of each kind I'd like to plant, then hand pollinate so the seed would be true? I just want to forgo paying $6+ per pumpkin this year, especially since I like to carve up quite a few. Last year I had some real trouble with the pumpkin going soft and falling apart while I tried to carve it. Is that something I'll have to worry about with the seeds I have?


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