Lily of the valley

succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)January 2, 2006

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but... Later in the summer after they have bloomed, what happens to the leaves? Do they turn brown and die like other early spring bloomers? I'm trying to plan a shade area and was wondering if the leaves did die back around July. If so, I'd like to plant another ground cover along with it. My parents have a lot of periwinkle which I like the look of. Also, am I going to be able to grow these very well in Zone 8? I've seen that they do better in Z2-7. Thanks for any info! ~Amy

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Yes, convallaria do go dormant in summer but the timing may be variable depending on how much sun and moisture they receive - sunnier and drier locations will hasten the process, shadier and moister locations will extend it. I've not tried planting LOV with vinca - that could be quite the battle :-)

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succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)

OK, Thanks for the info. ;)

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beetleman(5 st louis)

Actually they are very dependent on heat and water- too dry and they will actually die off, eough water and they grow and multiply until fall. Lovely plant.

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