liriope and weed and grass killer question

lsst(7b)February 16, 2006

I have alot of liriope ( the white and green color) that has clumps of fescue growing in the center as well as weeds all in between the liriope.

Does anyone know of a selective weed and grass killer that will kill the grass and weeds but not harm the liriope?

Hand-weeding is no longer effective.

Thanks in advance!


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Unfortunately, nothing so completely selective as you may wish. Broadleaf herbicides will target the weeds, leaving the grass and liriope. Grass herbicides will target any monocot and that includes the liriope as well. Often when weeds and especially grassy weeds get such a good foothold, it is best and most efficient to dig up the entire planting, remove the weeds and grass roots from amongst the liriope and then replant. I'd wait until a bit later in the season, though.

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