need Musquee de Provence info

coatfetish(z6 VA.)April 5, 2013

Hi there!

I am trying my hand at growing pumpkins for the first time. The one I chose is Musquee de Provence, hoping for good pie flavor. Now the downside; I live on a small mobile home lot - lol. However I only have 6 seeds - we'll see how many germinate/grow. How much space should I plan on to accommodate each plant? Also, will it tolerate any late afternoon shade in my hot (to me) z6b location? (shade after 3pm). That would free up a lot of growing space for me it it would.

If anyone can give me growing tips for pumpkin in general, I'd appreciate it. I can read all day & night online, but I love to hear first-hand advice.

Thank you!

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You chose an excellent variety! I've grown them for the past three years and they are my absolute favorite. I show them off like they're my babies.

I live in southern Ohio, and plant mine in full sun. They do wilt a little bit during the day, but they spring back up at night. One vine usually will sprawl out at least 10-15 feet, if not longer, and I got about two pumpkins per seed.

If you have access at all to compost or fresh manure, they absolutely love it. We have miniature donkeys, and I'll either mix some of their manure in (less than compost because it has so much nitrogen) or I'll use our compost, and I just add about a handful right where I plant the seed. I hope that helps!

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