Grassy Looking Groundcovers?

danell(7)February 8, 2012

I'm not sure if this post should go here or in ornamental grasses yet I'm looking for suggestions of what I can use along a dry stream bed that will look like a carpet or mat of flowing grass rather than individual tufts or clumps. The first thing that comes to mind (probably because it is the only thing I know) is Japanese blood grass but it is the wrong color. I want something softer, green or variegated. The soil is clay-loam (ammended) with good drainage and Ph of 7. This has to live happily with Echninacea, Nepeta Fasseni and Karl Foerster. Oh and it will be planted on the North side of house - if it helps I'm in Medford, Oregon. Thanks!

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Dianthus "Bath's Pink", D. carthusianorum and several others, Ophiopogon "Nana" (dwarf mondo grass), Ophiopogon nigrescens, Acorus (several ), Hakonechloa (many cultivars).

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Thanks for the ideas browneyedsusan. I checked out 6 ornamental grass books from the Library and while very nice coffee table type books, they were not very explicit. I also chanced upon sesleria which may work as well. Again, I thank you.

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