one or two groundcovers

beckyinrichmondFebruary 5, 2013

Grass will not grow under the maple by the street and I've been trying to get something else to grow. Ferns and hosta have died when I couldn't keep watering. Right now I have a bed, about 16 square feet, abutting the sidewalk with nothing in it except mulch. I'm considering brunneria macrophylla and geranium oxanianum. Should I choose one or the other or combine them? What would look better? If I use both, should I alternate the plants or keep each kind together? I'm thinking about putting down cardboard and covering it with a mixture of topsoil and compost and plant in that. If I do that, how deep should it be? I'm hoping the cardboard would keep keep the tree roots from sucking up all the water.

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Well, no one replied. I have a pile of topsoil/compost to distribute so I went ahead with my cardboard plan and made it 8 inches deep over the cardboard. Instead of just ground covers, I'm going to make it more like a garden. I'm going to use Nimbus geranium for the ground cover but also add in dwarf plumbago, hosta, fern, and blue-eyed grass.

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