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nancy0903March 27, 2010

Last summer I re-did an entire area of my yard and needed to move grasses. I am very impatient but recognized that I should wait until Spring since I also need to divide some overcrowded clumps. In the fall I carefully labeled all of the different varieties but somehow between snow, melt cycles and spring clean-up, the labels were lost. I am now left with very vague memory of where different varieties are and I don't know how to re-plant the garden. Can I wait until the leaves help distinguish the grasses or is that too late. Anyone have any suggestions? I can't bear re-labeling (in a more careful manner) and waiting until next spring.

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You can wait until you can ID them. The best time to move/divide them is when they are actively growing.

Generally, the best times:

Cool season grasses: spring or early fall.
Warm season grasses: Spring to mid-summer, but not while flowering.
Sedges: Spring.

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Thanks, that's a relief!

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