dwarf mondo grass not growing well

siri3(South SF Bay)February 25, 2006


We had our front landscaped in November. He put in dwarf mondo grass under our big cedar tree. There are about 6 inches between each small clump. The area is on a slope, with the tree (which has about 2 ft of river rock around it) two thirds up the slope to the fence. Above the tree, at the top of the slope, next to the fence, the grass is at least perceptibly growing - not much, but I do see growth - but below the tree, at the bottom of the slope, I can't reallly see any growth at all since November.

Is this because it's winter? (Mild - in SF Bay area) Or because the grass at the top stays slightly more moist? What's the governing factor in regards to growth? Light? Moisture? How long should it take for clumps to fill out that 6 inch spacing?

Many thanks,


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ltfuzz(Ctrl CA)

In Santa Cruz, it grows slowly but steadily. I have been able to grow and divide it for many years. It likes the summer best (of course) and I note little or no growth from about Nov - Mar. Give it a year or more to fill in.

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We planted dwarf mondo a couple of years ago in a large area that gets everything from full sun to shade. I was SO disappointed with it, as it just sat there looking pitiful. Finally, after much reading, lots of it on Gardenweb, I am having success. I have found that it likes LOTS of water, mulch, and food. I fed ours with Nursery Special this spring and will feed it again in July. It's spreading slowly, but it is spreading!!! I think next growing season it will totally fill in. I just wanted to share this with anyone out there who's frustrated: water, mulch, and food!!!

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