How to sow?

zucchini(5a ONT)March 29, 2005

My husband picked some ornamental grass in winter, from outside a building in Toronto...He would like to plant the seeds so we can have it grow here in zone 5a..Do you start the seeds indoors in soiless mix like other seeds? Do they need light? dark? Do you just sow outside now? after frost? any info would help..thanks Martha / zucchini

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1. Surface sow the seeds. I don't know what kind of grass you have seed for, but most of them require light for germination.

2. I'd winter sow them, that is, make little greenhouses out of recycled containers like milk jugs, fill them with ~4" of good premium potting soil, thoroughly soaked, and sprinkle the seeds on top. Pat them down to ensure contact with the soil. Then just stick the jugs outside.

Full instructions on winter sowing can be found in the FAQ at the Winter Sowing Forum, linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Sowing FAQ

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There is a good chance that your ornamental grass seeds may be sterile, e.g., will not germinate. I would do a small test experiment 1st to see if the seeds are viable. Plant some of the grass seeds in a small pot or flat, in potting soil, which is sterile and contains no weed seeds. If you use regular soil, the weed seed which sprout may mask any grass seed germination you get, assuming you get the grass seeds to germinate. Give the grass seeds up to 3 weeks time to germinate before determining success or failure. Ed

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zucchini(5a ONT)

thanks for the tips...will try the surface a homemade mini greenhouse...and put it in the sun for a few days...may do half outside to see the difference...either way that will tell us if the seeds are viable...thanks

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