Zucchini buds

BackYardGardener26(7 VA)April 19, 2013

I bought 4 zucchini plants on April 7th , they looked good, very large seed leaves and one large true leaf on each of them, and put them in the ground on the 10th. They now have about two more leaves a piece on them but I noticed they are also starting to form flower buds. The plants look healthy and seem to be growing well and I was thinking about just pinching the buds off but want some advice first. Is early bud formation normal for zucchini or is this a sign of stress/sickness. If it is a sign of stress should I start over or is taking off the buds good enough.

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good question. I planted hubbard squash and pie pumpkins, and they also have tiny flowers forming already too. The hubbards plants are pretty big already but the sugar pie pumpkins plants are real small, so I was also suprised to see small flowers on them forming. We've had some pretty cold nights since I planted them out, in the mid-30s. I wonder if that has caused them to rush into flowering.

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If the leaves are small and yellow, and you see flower buds, then yes the plant is stressed and you should start over because it will never recover. However that doesn't sound like what you have. If your plant looks healthy with dark green leaves then there is no issue. How big is the flower bud? Squash have huge flowers and just seeing the tiny bud there doesn't mean much, it will be weeks before they get big enough to flower. There is never any good reason to pick off a flower bud.

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BackYardGardener26(7 VA)

Thanks for the replies, The buds are very small and my zucchini leaves are not yellow but they are smaller then what I would have expected at this point. The weather has not been great, not much sun and the past few nights its been cold. The true leaves on my zucchini are all about the same size not getting larger, however the newer leaves may still have growing to do, and to be honest if I didnâÂÂt see the buds I would have just thought that they have yet to take off. I know it takes a few weeks in the ground before my pumpkins take off.

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