Amish Pie Pumpkins

booberry85(5)April 6, 2009

I recently received some Amish Pie pumpkins seeds. I thought it would be nice to grow for making pies & bread with. I did not read a thorough description of Amish Pie Pumpkins before getting the seeds. I now found out that they can reach 60 lbs +++ (that's a lot of pies!)

What's the "normal" weight for an Amish Pie Pumpkin? Any tips on growing them? How long do they last once picked?

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Booberry, sorry I didn't reply any sooner. I've been busy and haven't been hanging out that much. I believe that is supposed to be the normal size. My guess is that they keep for a good number of months. But I've never grown them myself.

It's a c. maxima, and I stay away from c. maximas, as a rule, because they tend to be more susceptible to squash vine borers (which we have real bad here). But if a c. maxima will produce for you, it will probably be of excellent quality.

Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks George! If all goes well, I'll be making lots of pies and pumpkin bread in the fall.

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The Amish in my locale use both the Long Island Cheese and Neck Pumpkins for their pies. Both CAN get quite large.

You can freeze the pumpkin pulp, I cooked it then froze it. I cook mine in the oven, versus boiling it.

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