How to get rid of Crownvetch ground cover

alpharetta(z7 GA)February 27, 2011

I think I did a huge mistake 3 years ago when planting Crownvetch ground cover in some part of my garden. Now Crownvetch is invasing my entire garden, killing (choking) almost everything on their way. Even my fruit trees (2-3 years old) also get huge impact by this enemy ground cover.

I have tried to dig the Crownvetch up, but they already developed very massive root system and goes very deep into the soil. And the grow back so fast, so crazy.

any help/idea on how to get rid these invasive ground cover completely, without killing other useful plant in the garden?



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You probably don't want to do this but I sprayed the heck out of mine. If I remember it took a couple application. It sure is pretty when blooming.

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