Starting seeds for Bunny Tails Grass (Lagurus ovatus)?

MandyRose9(8)March 1, 2013

I just ordered seeds for this charming looking grass called "bunny tails". I got a packet of 9 seeds from Ebay (since I'd had good luck with ebay sellers' seeds in the past) but unfortunately, the instructions aren't what I'm used to. (enclosing a photo of the envelope I received)

Do I really need to go through all this noise with a milk jug and plastic bag? Or can I start these indoors in a Jiffy greenhouse (as I've been doing with all of my other seeds)? How deep should they be planted? I'm confused on the 1"15" part of the instructions.

Thank you for any help you can provide! :)

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Just do what you always do,LOL! There is more than one way to plant seeds. Your way is just fine.

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I think it means 1-1.5" apart.

I'd barely cover them with medium...maybe 1/16" deep. I'd also plant the seeds more closely together. They're annuals in my zone, and a single seed isn't going to give you much of a plant. I'd sow them as a single clump. When I start Bunny Tails, I'll put 25 seeds in a single 2" square plant band.

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