Cutting back our unknown pampas grass

kiskMarch 19, 2013

We planted this grass last spring and it did pretty amazing as far as growth. Kept it watered and fertilized all of the warm months and it went from from about 1ft to now around 4-5ft. Not sure of the exact name as the tag is buried in the grass, but it was just something we picked up from lowes or home depot. Only had 1 plume, which of course the kids pulled out during the winter :\

It barely browned during the winter which I was surprised about -- just a few scattered brown blades and tips. It does however look a little "shaggy" which is why I would like to start fresh.

I would like to cut it back but not sure of the height I should leave it when done. Also, can we expect additional plumes this year? Not sure how that works. Thanks!

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If that's a current photo, it looks like it's doing quite well already. If you cut the whole thing back, you'll be removing a good bit of new growth.

I'd probably just selectively trim out the dead foliage...down to about 6" or so.

If you want to cut it all back, 6" is a good height, and now is the time to do it.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Donn .... any guesses as to what it is??

I aggree with Donn as to trimming - With so much lovely new growth it would be a shame to wack it all off.

A handy dandy tool to tidy up the brown edges is a bread knife. I buy plastic handled ones just for use in the garden.

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Considering the zone and the fine foliage, I'd guess C.s. 'Pumila.'

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Duh ..... that will teach me to read the 'Subject'

Looking at the pic I had thought it was a Pampas grass but wasn't sure.

Kisk, if you use my suggestion of a bread knife, you should also consider wearing a good pair of gloves - the leaf blades on Pampas grass are notoriously SHARP.

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