melinis nerviglumis seeding care

rickdorranceMarch 18, 2007

I have germinated seeds using the "bio dome" tool, which means the medium is some sort of spong that wicks moisture upwards from a tray.

The seedlings are about 1 1\2 inches (4 cm). My problem is that the stems at spong level are thin and weak. The connection with the root system is weak. How can I save these seedlings? Should I transplant them into small pots and bring soil level upwards on the leafy stem to provide support?

Thanks, Rick

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From your description, it sounds like damping off, which is caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia. It takes place due to insufficient air circulation, too much heat and/or humidity, or unsanitary growing medium and conditions.

If the seedlings are damping off, there isn't anything you can do about it. If some are ok, isolate them from the infected seedlings as soon as possible, and get them into more suitable conditions.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

My mother gave me one of these growing domes (this one is a Jiffy brand version) when she was cleaning out her garage; she'd had "bad luck" with it. Interestingly, the lid had no vent holes (!!!).

I'm giving it another try (because I hate to throw anything out), but I did poke a lot of holes in the lid before I set it outside today.

I didn't read the directions completely before I threw them away (I never do, bad habit) but I know it mentioned propping the lid open when the seedlings emerged - did they say anything about making vent holes in the lid, Rick? If not, I wonder why on earth not, or why the lid didn't just come with vents in it. Surely this would be certain death for anything grown in this container if somebody forgets to prop the lid open (and I know I would!).

Ah well, I sowed in that container some garden huckleberry mom found in the garage, so here's hoping. :-)

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

I grow lots of seedlings in trays with plastic domes & NO vents. Some seeds actually require high humidity to germinate BUT the key is, once they have sprouted they benefit from less humidity & more air circulation. Do note, TOO FAST a change from high humidity to breezy & drier conditions can also be deadly.

No one ever said growing from seed was without its challenges :o)

Good luck.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

lol, A., you must be one of those gardeners who pays attention to their stuff? I applaud you, and my plants wish they were yours. :-)

I like stuff that doesn't require me to remember much. Around here, if it can't bark, cry, or complain when it needs something, it might die before it gets taken care of. ;-)

Thanks for letting me know they didn't just forget to put the vents in my mom's set, though. :-D

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mickey_dee2002(zone5 MI)

This was posted someplace on one of the other forums "Go out and buy some spay foot powder with tonaftate in it, such as Tinactin. Get the dry arisol spray can. Hold the can around 1 ft. away from the soil and spray lightly. Don't worry if a little bit gets on the plant. It won't hurt it and you can wipe it off if you need to. It works like a charm."

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