Cool Season Ornamental Grasses

handyman175March 5, 2007

I recently bought a home that has alot of what appear to be cool season ornamental grasses. They stayed pretty much green all winter, but look a little shabby. Most of the tips of the blades are brown. Some of the blades are 100% brown. Spring's approaching and I want to rejuvinate them. Should I chop them off at the ground or just pull out the blades at the ground? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You can do either, or both. Try pulling out the shabby blades first, by using a pair of rubber-coated gloves, for gription. If they come out easily, and the clump looks better, you can let that suffice.

If they're too far gone for that, trim them off to a couple of inches. They'll grow back a fresh flush of new foliage. It'll happen pretty quickly if they are indeed gool season grasses. If they're warm season grasses, they won't start growing back until later, but will still fill back in nicely.

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