Hakone Question

MFIXMarch 10, 2013

Want to put a couple of hakone grasses along my garage on the east side of my house, where there is a stepping stone path to our patio and deck. I was wondering if this would work since, the site will receive morning sun, but goes to full shade (at the height of the season) before noon. Does anyone know how much sun these grasses will take?

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Hakone is Forest Grass. It doesn't require much sun. The variegated versions look better in less sun.

Winter hardiness is more of a concern in your zone. 5 is the bottom of its range. Be sure to mulch it well unless you're sure of snow cover during the coldest part of winter. From my memories of traveling to and through Buffalo, you'll have plenty of snow cover.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

A couple of other thoughts .... If you are going to put it on the 'house side' of the path, will it get enough moisture? - I have always found that particular location as difficult to plant as under maple trees!

Back to your 'enough sunlight' question -
It should be just fine in that location - if you are growing one of the variegated varieties the colours might not be quite as bright.
Buffalo shouldn't be too much of a stretch for it - I grew great large clumps of it in Canada just north of your location & I am now growing Hakonechloa up here in the 'near north' :o)

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Thank you for your replies. I always worry about variegated species that receive any direct sunlight, so that's my worry with this morning sunshine, which combined with our very hot Julys and Augusts can exacerbate the potential damage. Moisture shouldnt be an issue, I have had two azaleas in this particular location and they have done well. I really love the look of hakone along pathways, and this is my aim. Also, I am interested in companion plants for these plants, and I am considering hostas, columbines, liriope, and some others, and recommendations for some nice contrasting companions?

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To contrast the leaf shape of hakone grass and as companion plants, astilbe (offers flower color as well) and several different fern genus will be fine in morning sun with shade from noon on.


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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Ok, this picture shows some ideas for companion plants to your Hakonechloas. This garden has the same exposure - east facing with a nice long period of morning sun. I always thought it was a nice combination.
Rodgersia, several hostas, small leaved creeping Tierella, variegated japanese spurge (pachysandra), Gentiana asclepiadia, & Kirengeshoma palmata. To name a few. :o)

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Wow, that is really nice. I like the blue hosta (I presume that is a hosta, behind the grass, near the tree) it really contrasts well, I hope I can find one like that at our nursery, or maybe just order it online. Thank you for the ideas, and great picture.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

The hosta near the tree is 'Francis Williams'

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Thank you!

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