Confining grasses by planting in soil with pots

rjbcrestMarch 9, 2005

Many OGs grow much larger than advertised. Adagio and Yaku Jima are good examples that are supposed to grow to 3-4 feet yet they wind up at 6 feet in my garden. I would like some way to hold them back to a more manageable size (other than to devide them every couple of years). Has anyone confined OGs in the soil while it is still in a permanent pot, perhaps in a larger plastic pot than the nursery used? If so, should the bottom of the pot be removed or will that defeat the purpose? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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well_rooted(5, BC Canada)

Part of the confusion may have to do with whether the height refers to the plant's foliage or flowers.

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

You have asked a very difficult question to answer, at least from my experiences and practices. But try to give an answer I will ......

If your grasses are exceeding the advertised height then some might say you are very lucky?!!! Generally exceptional growth is due to ultimate growing conditions.

Soil, moisture, light, mild off season or winter. These are some of the main ingredients or pieces of the pie that really controls the growth of any plant.

Now to address your question. By confining your grass to a smaller container may possibly stunt the grass growth but more likely it will hamper the fullness of the grass and cause the fronds and plumes to be sparse and basically unattractive.

Cutting the bottom out of the pot really does nothing as the roots will go deeper to get more open space to grow thus allowing the grass to maintain it more natural growth in the location where you have it now growing.

Cutting out the bottom is a method that some growers will use to stop the spread of a plant whether it is a grass or perennial "flower". Controlling the spreading habit in this scenario has proven to be worthless in many cases as the roots will go deeper and come up on the other side of the pot.

Last but not the least would be to cut the top of the grass back at the desired "advertised" height making the grass appear as being butchered. Ain't nothing pretty or attractive about this scenario.

In closing I would suggest you read a couple of ornamental grass books and find a grass or grasses that would fit in your garden area or at least in your minds eye.

What better excuse to have more grasses in your landscape and garden areas?


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Thanks, Jake. Sounds like I need to try smaller varieties. Makes sense.

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I am going to try that with the arondo donax (which is going as high as six feet and pluming at seven,I have some at the way back of my garden-makes a nice screen-but will take over the world if you go away for a month or two!!!!!!! Anyone want some???????E Mail me at'lltrade happily for succulents. M

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