Persimmon , Pomegranate and Jujube

bretodeauJune 1, 2010

Hello. I live in Atlanta in Candler Park. I want to plant at least one Asian Persimmon tree and also several pomegranate bushes. Could somebody please recommend what types of each? I have heard good things about Fuyu, Hachiya and Saijo? Which type do you recommend for best taste and best looking tree? Also, what pomegranate and jujube trees would you recommend best to grow in Atlanta?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have an Angel Red pom, which has had very favorable reviews and a Sherwood Jujube. I'm going to plant a few Persimmons, Fuyu seems to be the easiest to find.

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I am trying to grow some cultivars of those plants. Most are 1st or 2nd year and sometimes my selections were based on what was available where I was purchasing as much as anything else.

Persimmon: Eureka, Fuyu, Great Wall, Izu, Matsumoto Wase Fuyu, Saijo, Tamopan. The only ones that fruited last year were a couple of my Fuyu and a Tamopan; they were in their 2nd year in the ground. I should have more types fruiting this year. My IZUs were just grafted this spring from scion wood I ordered, the rest were spring of 09 barefoot which I potted for a year and planted out this winter.

Pomegranate: Kazke, Salavatski, Angel Red, Entek Habi Savehi. These are all 1st year plants for me, and some I just recent started as cuttings from UC Davis. All except Angel Red were selected for reputation of being some of the most cold-hardy. Some people have good luck with the commonly available "Wonderful" here but I did not and they froze out. Wonderful does pretty good in the taste trials I have seen and is most likely the one you find in your local produce section. I am probably going to leave my Red Angel potted at least until I can start some cuttings from it as it is not particularly hardy I have heard, but is reportedly has a very soft seed and very juicy.

Jujube: Li, Sherwood These are 2 of the more readily available cultivars and my 1st year with them. I have recently read Sherwood will not fruit well in our humid climate, but it came out of Louisiana so maybe it will turn out alright. I believe I read that in a NAFEX thread and it suggested Tigertooth for the humid southeast. In a couple years I am going to try and graft on some other cultivars. Honey Jar seems always to get great taste reviews and one I will try for sure.

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Thank you girlgroupirl and strudledog for your responses. I'm curious- who do you prefer to buy these trees from?

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Most of plants I have ordered bare root from online nurseries, but I would not be doing that this late into the year. Locally in Georgia JohnsonÂs Nursery in Ellijay specializes in fruit as does Ison's nursery in Brooks and they may have some potted plants available. I doubt they are still shipping bare root now, but they both have limited selections of the plants you are interested in. I have been pleased with the plants I have gotten at Johnsons, never purchased from Isons. You might find a couple varietyÂs of persimmon or a "wonderful "pomegranate at a local nursery, but for an extended cultivar selection you might want to look online. Check out the "Fruits and Orchards" forum here on GardenWeb as there is lots of info, just search on the plants and you will get lots of info and some nursery listings, and if you order online please Google "DaveÂs garden watchdog" to see how people rate the nursery as there as some places you donÂt want to deal with, the most infamous of all located right here in Georgia TY TY nursery and their list of alias names. You donÂt want to deal with them. A couple suggestions listed below.
For East coast nurseries, both Edible landscape in VA and Just Fruits and Exotics in FL probably list the most persimmon as well as some pomegranate and Jujube. EnglandÂs nursery in KY has quite a few Jujubes and some unusual Persimmon listed as well. The largest selection I have seen on Pomegranate is Rolling River on the west coat. DurioÂs in LA lists quite a few as well. I have not ordered from them all but I can give a Big thumbs up to the PersimmonÂs I received from WomackÂs out of TX

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Petals from the past: is the cheapest source with good reviews on watchdog. Unfortunately I just found them and their shipping season ended May 31st. So will wait for fall.
The S&H adds up for most other nurseries.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Johnson's in Elijay is where I bought most plants. I also bought a few from Edible Landscaping in VA thru the mail and was very pleased. I have not tried, but will be trying Just Fruits and Exotics. Strudeldog lists a few other places I will check out. Thanks Strudel!


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