Dwarf crape myrtle won't grow

abykatJune 19, 2013

I got 2 dwarf crape myrtles, Razzle Dazzle, from a friend. Planted them about a year ago, In summer. They were very small but seemed to take nicely at first but just didnt grow much. I didn't expect them to bloom or grow to much that first year. Of course they died back in winter and they did pop back up in spring. However they just don't want to grow. They are staying very small, seems not much bigger then when I put them in. It's like they just want to stay status quo. I can't seem to motivate them to take off. I expected them to grow well this year and am disappointed. Can anyone offer suggestions as to what might be wrong or what I can do? I have fertilized with an all purpose fertilizer and I mulched around them. Do they need lots of water perhaps?

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Crape myrtles don't usually "die back" in winter in Georgia. If they had to resprout back from the ground this spring then clearly they are having issues.

And they are "dwarf"; what is the maximum size per the industry for these?

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Yes it is a true dwarf. The mature height is listed a 3-5 ft.
My friend got a bunch of them from on an line nursery, as replacement plants from a company she uses online. She had to many and shared two with me. She said hers are growing well. They were very, very small when I got them. Maybe that's why they didn't do well the first winter, I don't know. They do look like they are struggling. When I looked it up - I believe mine is cherry Razzle Dazzle - it said it is deciduous and 3 ft tall - 4 ft wide. I will try to post a photo soon. Thanks again.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Every single Razzle Dazzle series I've tried has died if it's small. They only seem to survive if planted when a larger size.

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