groundcovers around pond

kaysbelle(z5IL)March 20, 2008

I have a small pond 7' across with a water fall. I am looking for groundcovers that are not invasive and require little maintenance to put around the pond. These would not be in a bog setting but in regular, amemded soil. Any suggetions for zone 5, perenials preferably, would be appreciated. (I am looking for a lot of color and bold statements.)

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I should mention - this area is in full sun over half of the day - shaded from sunrise to 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 to sunset.

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Two perennials that make statements are Lupine, broad range of colors and Coreopsis, both which like sun and good drainage. Lupine like a slightly acidic soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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I have Mazus around my pond and it even creeps in a little. Not invasive at all and it flowers either white or purple.

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I've used Creeping Thyme and Irish moss around my pond in Michigan, with some sucess. The thyme carries small red/purple flowers most of the summer and the Irish moss (it's not a true moss) has small white flowers on vivid green (almost moss-like vegitation). I grew mine from seed, because I had a large area to fill. That takes a little effort and patience, but worth the wait.

Regards, Tony

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cayuga2008(zone 5)

I would love to have your quandry! Sounds beautiful! How about hostas in various shades in the shady area and astilbe in the sunnier areas. How about caladium also (but will have to be dug up in fall).

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