vinca, ajuga or lily of the valley??

mike9March 26, 2010

I'm planting some groundcovers in front of my apartment in areas enclosed by sidewalk. Im putting some creeping thyme on the part that gets afternoon sun. I'm going to plant creeping wintergreen around the holly and rhododendron.

I need some advice for what to plant in the third area around two deciduous bushes. The area is on the north side near the building so it doesn't get any direct sun, at least this time of year. Half the area is underneath the bush other half sees blue sky. Its near the downspout and its 50% haircap moss right now. It has to be able to withstand occasional traffic without being horribly destroyed. A kids ball may go flying over there or someone may step of the sidewalk accidentally or an animal run through.

One neighbor has pachysandra and i don't thing it looks that nice. Another has a bit of english ivy around their bush. I like the ivy but thats a bit too tall and i might use ivy to cover the back fence.

So that brings me to my question of whether i should plant vinca, ajuga or lily of the valley?? My mother wants lily of the valley. I'm not sure that would be a great choice for this place and when the snow melts i like to see green on the ground so im limiting the amount of deciduous ground cover. I think blue flowers would be nice. I don't know which would work better vinca or aguga or something else?

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Vinca minor Illumination or Wojo's Gem, or Symphytum grandiflorum, ground cover comfrey, which does great in low light and both dry and wet.

English Ivy is considered a very bad weed here.

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I tried planting both ajuga and vinca in a partly shaded area. With the vinca, I have to admit I like the look of the flowers very much but it is taking long to fill in. The ajuga however took off and filled in in one summer. I planted both the vinca and ajuga at about 8 inches apart.

I am in zone 6b and my ajuga also browns/ dies off mid- winter but revives quickly by April to its usual self.

I would use the ajuga just becuse it filled in so quickly and I like the purple leaves. Good luck. :)

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