Great Pumpkins Charlie Brown?

wizzieApril 18, 2010

Ready to try a a pumpkin patch for the grandkids..I have a separate area for the seeds away from the tomatoes etc..I have the seeds ...any ideas on how to plant/fertilizer/watering/when to plant/etc..Thanks

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I do my pumpkins like my gourds. Mound the soil into a 2-3ft diameter 6-12" high pile. Rich well fed soil is best. Water deeply 1-2" a week (more if the temp rises high) Feed with compost,aged manure or a fertilizer that's higher in P&K rather than lots of N. (N-makes a huge vine and few pumpkins) To keep the vines under some sort of control prune the main stem after about 10-12 feet (4-8 fruits) and that will also aid the growing fruits. Water at the stem to prevent mildew. Plant after frost date when soil is 65 degrees F. or better. (warmer is better-just remember your growing time)

Hope that helps.

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