Imperata Red Baron vs P Hanse Herms vs Shenandoah

rubrifolia(7ish NYC)March 9, 2005

for low-ish good red color? Am envisioning a line of broody 'red' to weave in front of several Dallas Blues.

Does Imperata do well here in the Northeast? Seem to remember some not coloring well??? Is it reliably perenn?

which of the Panicums color better? would the layering of 2 Panicums be a tad boring early on??? Not that Dallas is ever boring in my opinion.

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I planted a beautiful Dallas Blues in my yard last spring
and it grew to 5ft. and was a nice blue color, tall erect but when the purple
plumes came up WOW! I have decided to use penicum Shenandoah grass that turns reddish to wine red over the summer. I'm going to plant them along the side yard in front of the dallas blues(I want to plant several of these also), hopefully they'll
look nice in a tight line and I wanted to plant other miscanthus and large ravane grass in there towards the rear of all this. I have a big
New Dawn rose in here as well(over an arbor, I will also add Pen Red Rubum variety grass along with some annuals to tight it all
in. just need to find somethings to go with all the wine
cream and pinkish colors for perenials and other annuals.
I love the small blue elymus magellanicus grass, really ice blue color(never seen anything quite this color)
it goes with so many of the larger wine color grass. Any

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

For blue, try Festuca g. Meerblau or Blauglut, or a metal shade of Panicum v Heavy Metal for some structure towards the Dallas Blues Panicum. Color can range from hot tones of the Agastache family(of course) including Globetrotter, Ava, Firebird, rupestris, and maybe try some Coreopsis Moonbeam or the newer hybrids like Limerock Ruby or Limerock Passion...Or a Daylily or some Asiatic Lilies for some bigger petal look.

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kidhorn(7a MD)

I have a couple of shenandoah and I'm not impressed. It's a very late riser and the blades aren't really that red. They're mostly green with a little red.

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