Low maintenance groundcover for sunny spot?

bobby_c(z7 DC)March 9, 2014

I have a sunny spot in front of some low spreading roses that used to be grass. I took the grass out a few years ago and planted a bunch of creeping thyme - it looked great for a couple of years. Last year it mostly died out and was taken over by weeds, I'm going to take that all out and replant something.

Any suggestions on something that doesn't need much maintenance?


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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

Hi, Bob,
I have a couple of ideas for you if there is still time (you haven't already done something else). Creeping phlox is a very hardy drought tolerant groundcover for sun. If your soil is on the dry and well drained side, it would edge your beds quite nicely, and it does spread, is semi evergreen, and puts on a great show in spring of solid color. It gets 4 to 6 inches tall and comes in white, blue and pink of various shades. Another couple of suggestions .. one is a bit invasive.. it is snow in summer, or cerastium tomentosum which has small fuzzy leaves and white flowers in spring. I haven't grown it, but it is quite hardy and spreads easily as I understand. Another one but which is taller, but might work for you is hardy basket of gold, (perennial Alyssum) Comes in a bright clear yellow flower in spring and after blooming goes to its fuzzy light sea green leaves for the rest of the year. It gets around a foot tall, so may be too tall for youl
Another good bet might be one of the ground cover veronica varieties,. One called Tidal pool is lovely and very fast spreading. About 3-4 inches tall, I think, and another is Georgia Blue and another is Sperry's blue.. All of them seem to love sun and spread very quickly and well. they all have blue flowers in spring. The foliage on Tidal pool is more quick to green up in spring and has tiny flowers. Check them out! Sure there are others, but these are a few that I know of.

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I second the creeping veronica, also there is Adriatic Bellflower which is very similar. I have them both and they do very well here without being noxious.

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