white pumpkin

greif(Wisconsin z 4)April 10, 2005

does anyone know where to get seeds for white pumpkins? I'm looking for ones that ahve a nice jack o lantern type shape 5-15 lbs.


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chiggie14(zone 9)

There are some on ebay. Just search for 'white pumpkin seeds'.

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trmeyer(z5a MO)

I don't know if you have found yours or not, but I got mine at our local wal-mart for .97.

Tracy M

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Got mine at K-Mart...Pumpkin 'Baby Boo'


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sueloring(zone 4)

Nice white pumpkins are "Lumina" or "Casper". Both are about volleyball or basketball size. I get my seeds at either WalMart or the local Ace Hardware. You can order them online just type their names in Google.

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I bought some last year at the True Value Harware store, or Jung's (garden store) or maybe even Wal-Mart. I'm in Madison, and they did OK. I think I maybe watered them too much--I got a lot of foliage but not too many pumpkins. The pumpkins I got were very attractive.

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pickles333(z4 vt)

Do you or have you seed of a White Fortuna, Pear shaped Pumpkin??? Im looking for some seeds to plant Thank you

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Any garden center that sells seeds will more than likely have burpee's lumina and maybe others.

On a side note since wal-mart has been mentioned several times has anyone else found their seeds to worthless. I bought a packet of sweet corn for .97 and of the 30 seeds I planted only 3 ever came up. I looked on the package and it was packed for 2007. The best I can figure they must recycle seeds from previous years since I know corn seeds are viable for 2 years. I planted other varieties of sweet corn not from wal-mart and every single seed sprouted. My advice don't buy seeds from wal-mart.

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I also had seeds from Wal-mart not sprout...these were pumpkin seeds though. There were about 10 seeds in the pack and not a single one ever emerged. Lumina, Casper, and Cotton Candy are good jack-o-lantern white pumpkins. Baby Boo are miniature pumpkins, they are the size of Jack-Be-Little's. If you don't want to get seeds from a local store or ebay there are tons of seed company catalogs that carry them. Try Burpee's, Harris Seeds, Twilley, or Gurney's. I believe all of them carry white jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

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I planted some this year, the main stem died but the various shoots dug in and stayed alive I got several pumpkins started but they would die everytime I watered so I quit watering,right now it looks as though I have 5 plants they all have dead pumpkins (golf ball size) except one (softball size) I'm afraid to water or feed. any help would be appriciated.

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