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spiced_ham(z5 OH)April 3, 2011

Can you hide SVB susceptible varieties in among C. moschata plants to lower infection rate, or do the moths lay eggs on everything and only survive on the non moschatas?

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This just my impression: but no, the moths find them one way or another. On really bad years I know they've attack my c. Moschatas. But damages generally were not mortal.

Tahlequah, OK

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Dang it! Maybe I'll try wrapping stems with foil or whatever other gimick I hear about. I wonder if a bit of fly paper (or tanglefoot) stuck to the stems would catch the enemy.

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Last year, after all my C. pepo and C. maxima were dead, they moved on to my C. moschata and C. argyrosperma. The moschatas were killed before I could harvest them, while the argyrospermas held on and I got a harvest from them, even though some of the fruits themselves were ruined by borers getting in them. They just didn't get ALL of them.

I did get a harvest from my C. pepo summer squash, but that was just because it was early enough to make some fruits before the borers killed them. The C. maxima never stood a chance.

This year I'm trying neem oil, which some people tell me works, and some people tell me it doesn't. I already caught a moth sniffing around my newly sprouted squashes, so they've gotten their first spray. I tried the catch the moth to kill it, but it was too fast for me.

Despite all this, I still think the SVB moths are pretty cool looking. I just wish they'd stick to the Buffalo gourd and leave my squashes alone.

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