shady groundcover under ash tree

shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)March 6, 2008

I have a fairly large area surrounding an ash tree that isn't reached by the sprinkler system and is now used as a digging area by a Golden retriever, 11-mo.-old puppy, and it's also used as a way to bring dirt into the house. So I'm thinking if it were planted, she wouldn't dig there. I don't want anything that has deep roots that would hurt the ash tree. I'm thinking that until the area is filled in by groundcovers, I could put lots of bark chips there. There is a garden area to the south of this area, and my yard faces north and also has a western exposure, but it's surrounded on both the north and west by a 6' fence.

I've been told to put a sandbox on part of the area and let my dog dig in that, but I don't know if she'd think that was a good substitute for dirt. I could fix a digging area for her in the dirt, but that would still mean we'd have to have a foot wash before she could come back in to the house, at least if it was a little muddy.

Any ideas?


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Don't assume, because you'll just be wasting time and money thinking that just because it's planted or mulched the dog won't dig. Since you live in Denver won't don't you use river rock which is used a lot in xeriscaping. I was going to suggest using Cirsium vulgare, but in CO it is a noxious weed, because your dog wouldn't dig that up so why don't you look at Yucca that are hardy, not a groundcover but some green in the RR wouldn't look bad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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