Do you cut back muhlenbergia in the spring?

desertgardener_NM(z7NM)March 10, 2007

Hi all. I'm new to ornamental grasses, having planted several varieties last year. For most of them, I left the dead leaves and "plumes" (don't even know the terminology!) over the winter. Now that there is the beginning of new growth showing, I cut down the clumps and everything seems happy. However, my muhly grass never turned brown, so I don't know whether to cut it back or not. The blossom stalks are the only brown thing on them, but it would be a MAJOR hassle to cut each of them out. What do you do??

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Hey desertgardener,

I wouldn't cut back muhly grass in spring unless it took a serious winter thrashing. Tidy the grass up with a rake through/comb of the foliage and cut off any dead flower stalks.

If they look bad, they can handle a moderate trim back, but don't take them to the ground like you would other grasses...maybe 8 - 12" at the most severe.

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That's just what I needed to know. Thanks, grass guy!

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